Obi-Wan: ARC Troopers. You have been selected for this task because you are the best, the elite. You all know what to do. The success of your mission is our key to a swift victory. When you get into position, send word as planned. Then, I will join you.

Anakin: Master? I know you don't think I'm ready for a command of my own but I am the best pilot in the order! Chancellor Palpatine knows it. I know why you can't...

Obi-Wan: Padawan! Your skills have never been questioned. It is your maturity. I have argued this before but the decision has been made. May the Force be with you, commander.

Anakin: All squadrons to me!

Obi-Wan: ARC Troopers, deploy!

Clone: Yes sir!

Obi-Wan: Evasive action!

Droid: Roger, roger!

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